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OMREN & Cloud Services: An ICT breakfast series event

Omantel and the Research Council organized ICT Breakfast Gathering to celebrate the ongoing success of OMREN at the Grand Hormouz hotel in Muscat. It was a brief casual gathering whereby a short introduction and services update which highlights the growing list of ready ICT services available to the OMREN community members and followed by a breakfast social gathering for the community members to hear from one another. Meeting and learning from one another is at the heart of building a strong and scalable research community in Oman.

IPv6 Basic and Advance Workshops

In the last three days Oman Research and education network (OMREN) have arranged an extensive workshop in IPv6 in coordination with RIPE NCC and Muscat University. The sixth version of the internet protocol (IPv6) backs a lot of features to support the explosive expansion of the Internet in our life and future. Technologies like IoT and smart cities would not be possible to implement without it. OMREN supports the spread of IPv6 usage in Oman through providing the infrastructure and training to its members. In order to enable the education and research community to get the full benefit of this future technology and to prepare our future information technology workforce and user through universities. RIPE NCC is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that supports the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. All the Internet addresses and management activities are done through RIPE NCC and it supports the academic community via multiple initiatives like RIPE NCC Academy and RACI competition. Muscat university is one of the newest universities in Oman. It is affiliated with Aston university for Bachelor Degree and with Cranfield university for the Masters Degree. It is targeting high quality education sector and providing trainings to improve students skills. It's worth to mention that Muscat university gives one year job trainings to its students in order to increase their readiness for jobs.

OMREN Service are available to 43% Students in High Education Organizations

Three more members join OMREN

University of Buraimi, Modern College of Business and Science and International College of Engineering and Management joined OMREN.

OMREN Participation in E-AGE 2017

OMREN team participated in e-AGE 2017 in Cairo, Egypt during 3 – 4 December 2017. The e-AGE focused on Intercontinental Connectivity, and how internetworking has contributed to Education, Science and Innovation. The e-Infrastructure has evolved in the Arab region at both national and regional levels as National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) are developing now in more than 17 the Arab countries. At the regional level, ASREN announced the operation of the Arabian Global Educational Open PoP (AGE-OP) in London in cooperation with GEANT. In short words, e-AGE 2017 is coming with “EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND INNOVATION” as the main theme of the conference and all activities will be centered on it.

OMREN Introduces Its Services to College of Engineering at SQU

Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) sheds the light on its roles and services in a meeting at the College of Engineering. Future collaboration with the College was also discussed

OMREN International Collaboration Symposium

In the presence of Dr. Saif bin Abdullah Al-Hadabi, Assistant Secretary-General for Scientific Programs and Research, and Deputy Vice Chancellors and researchers from OMREN member research and education organizations. The OMREN international collaboration symposium starts today at the German University Technology.

The symposium aims to highlight the importance of international collaboration in scientific research and education. How cooperation can enriches research outputs, improves educational services and empowers users with the required means and resources. The members of OMREN were also introduced to the most important services provided by the United States Advanced Network for Scientific Research and Education (Internet 2) and the European Scientific Research and Education Network (GEANT).

Dr. AbdulMonem bin Ali Al Kharusi, OMREN Director, Opens the symposium by greeting the audience and appreciating the presence of a large number of vice presidents of universities and researchers and a number of technical IT members. He explained the interaction and cooperation between the members of the network and getting the international exposure in research will leverage the positive utilization of OMREN network and will enrich research activities in the Sultante. Dr. Abdulmonem also assured them that the connection between Sultan Qaboos University and most of the private universities and a number of colleges has been carried out. Moreover, a range of important services such as educational roaming, video meetings, Publications Databases of journals and e-books have been provided through OMREN. He praised the strategic partnership with OmanTel, which supports the sustainability of the project with accumulated experience not only in communications but also in the technical services that helped OMREN to take off rapidly and provide excellent services. Mr. Fadi Nasser, General Manager of ICT Services at OmanTel, welcomed the audience and presented the latest developments of Omantel in the technical aspect of the educational and scientific research activities.

Dr. Jonathan Chapman, Regional Director of Internet 2, was the keynote speaker at the symposium. He presented the services provided through the global networks in general and through Internet2 in specific and how to benefit from them. Chapman also cited examples of the most important joint research projects that researchers from different countries are working on across different research networks, which facilitate communication between them and open up prospects for research cooperation. Dr. Karl Mayer from GENAT also participated in the symposium via Virtual Meeting System, where he was speaking from the UK through one of the network's application systems for international communication between the members. Meyer mentioned a wide range of collaborative services that the research and education community in Oman can benefit from. These services are provide by different universities and institutions that encourage cooperation, knowledge exchange and innovation.

OMREN Introduces Its Services to its Affiliated Member Institutions

Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) organized two workshops for the 14 members of OMREN.

The workshop aimed at introducing the 14 member institutions of OMREN to the services provided by the network that included OMREN Federation, Eduroam (education roaming), and videoconferencing. The member institutions included Sultan Qaboos University, The Research Council, German University of Technology (GUtech), University of Nizwa, A’Sharqiya University, Muscat University, Sohar University, University of Dhofar, Arab Open University, Middle East College, Maritime College of Oman, Military Technological College, College of Sharia Sciences, and International College of Engineering and Technology. It is worth mentioning that OMREN is a central part of a sustainable infrastructure that contributes to the emergence of an effective national innovation ecosystem. It provides the research and education community in the Sultanate of Oman with a common network and collaboration infrastructure dedicated and adapted to their needs. This will effectively contribute to the development of innovation, research, education and international e-collaboration.

OMREN TImeline

MENOG 2017 Conference in Oman

OMREN participate in the Middle East Network Operators Group (MENOG) Conference held in the Crowne Plaza Muscat during 19-20 April 2017. The global event was a great opportunity to connect with colleagues, share experiences and knowledge, present and discuss the latest networking innovations and discover new business models and applications. Dr. Abdulmonem Al Kharusi, OMREN director was given the opportunity to brief the group about the project status and possible outcomes to the research and Education community in Oman. He also mentioned that OMREN is now an official member at RIPE NCC as well as in internt2, GEANT and ASREN.

OMREN Participation in GHEDEX 2017

OMREN participated in the 18th edition of Global Higher Education (GHEDEX) during the period 18 – 20 April 2018. The team presented the project and the core services provided to the higher education and research community in Oman.


OMREN participates in the IT, Telecom & Technology Exhibition – COMEX 2017 during the period 16 – 18 March 2017. During this event, OMREN presented to the visitors the services and applications to be provided by the network. Core applications such as connectivity, Eduroam, Video Conferencing, Virtual Science Library and Oman Research Repository were all been introduced.

OMREN participation in FOSSC Oman 2017

OMREN participates in the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FOSSC Oman) at Sultan Qaboos University during 14-15 February 2017. Eng. Musallam Al Farsi, the Communications manager, presented a paper during the conference about the OMREN project and its core services provided to the research and education communities in Oman. He also discussed the FOSS deployment at OMREN project.

OMREN Prospective Members Meeting

OMREN team organized a meeting to prospective OMREN members to introduce OMREN and its services as well as to update the registered members about the latest updates. OmanTel, TRA, ITA members as well as deans from universities and colleges have attended this gathering.

OMREN Participation in the Sixth Internation Platform on Integrating Arab e-Infrastructure in a Global Environment, e-AGE 2016

OMREN participates at e-AGE 2016 in Beirut. During the e-Infrastructures Developments session, Dr. Abdulmonem Al Kharusi, OMREN director presented the steady progress of the project and services added to the project, which were appreciated by the attendees.

University of Nizwa Joined OMREN

University of Nizwa signed the agreement to join the OMREN network

The Secretariat General of the Education Council reviewed the Project of the Oman Research and Education Network

As part of the endeavors of the Secretariat General of the Education Council to make the educational projects in the Sultanate of Oman known to the public, Dr. Abdel Moniem bin Ali Al Kharousi , the Director of the Project of the Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN) at the Research Council, conducted a presentation through which he reviewed the project at the premises of the Secretariat General of the Education Council. The presentation was attended by some members of the Education Council, specialists from concerned government organs and officials of the Secretariat General of the Education Council.

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Sultan Qaboos University Joined OMREN

SQU signed an agreement to join the OMREN. The agreement has been signed by H.E Dr. Ali Al Bimani the Vice Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University and Engineer Sami Al Ghassani the Chief Operating Officer in Omantel.

IMCO signs agreement for membership of Oman Research Education Network (OMREN)

IMCO signs agreement for membership of Oman Research Education Network (OMREN).The establishment of the network comes as part of TRC’s vision to establish a strong infrastructure that helps to develop the research and education in the Sultanate and to work as a foundation stone in building the local research capacity.